EDDY and BALU Chilling in the Wetlands, Gilgo Aug 05

The site shows a snapshop of current conditions at Gilgo Beach, NY. updated every 3 minutes.
Don't know for how long, but as of 8/3/04, its live.
Added Long Beach, updated every 3 minutes during the summer of 05.
Tryed streaming video and quicker ftp updates, problems with ISP and Internet providers.
Cameras comes on at 5-7 am and goes off at 4-8 pm depending on the time of year.

Cams update every minute, sunrise to sunset at both ocean locations and a new bay shot as of Nov, 06.

The site is a forum for Gilgo.com to voice itself on what we view as important. Some of the many are as follows.

Reduce Litter and Garbage Pollution by People
Reduce Litter and Garbage Pollution by People
Reduce Litter and Garbage Pollution by People

gilgo.com: Against Pollution, For Surfing.


EDDY, the Egret, Fishin off Deck, Gilgo Aug 05

We are members of the Surfrider Foundation and firmly committed to the Mission Statement.

Surfrider Mission Statement

The Surfrider Foundation is an non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the
Protection and Enjoyment of the World's Oceans, Waves and Beaches,
through Conservation, Activism, Research and Education.

Issues of Concern on Long Island include:

Polluted Runoff
, Water Quality, Restrictive Beach Access, Beach Litter,
LI Sound Dumping and the Army Corps of Engineers plans for LI's beaches, especially Long Beach.

BALU Surveying his World, Gilgo Aug 05

Join the Foundation and help the Mission, contact below.

Central Long Island Chapter

NYC Chapter

Eastern Long Island Chapter

Jersey Shore Chapter

Rhode Island Chapter

National Surfrider Foundation

BALU, a mellow Great Blue Herron, Gilgo Aug 05

Sunset, Gilgo Dock, Aug, 05

Check Out the Garbage
left behind in the Gilgo Parking Lot
by Water People.
Some People should be Ashamed.

Protection of the Beaches Starts with Each One of Us.

The Lazy Days of Litter have To End.

Surfing is one of the Best Things you can turn Anyone On To.

Gary, the strange duck, lookin on the horizon, Gilgo Aug 05

Unintended Consequences never Cease to Amaze.
Old Types of Garbage like Glass, Metals or Foods
Can cause Strange Problems, Large and Small
But the Earth can Handle It with a Minumum of Rats, Smells and Dangers.
In fact, these items can possibly create some Nasty and or Wonderful Things

But new Man Made Stuff like Chemicals, Plastics and Nylons
Produce Horrors to Our Earth and its Group of Livings Things
Problems last for Centuries and are Compounded by the Year
Three Eye Frogs and all Sorts of Defects
Oceans of Brown Loaded with Death

We got to Get With It and Expend Our Energy
Educate, Volunteer and Contribute

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