Bummed last video Soft, due to salty dome...
End of the Line; 1/2/2022
Hope site helped you find waves



You Gotta Move
Show You Disapprove

When People Litter
Be the Garbage Transmitter

Pick It Up with a Smile
Maybe They are Senile

Possibly Try to Explain
Don't Attempt to Detain

You Did Your Part
Just Grin and Depart


Gilgo Beach NY Ocean Surf Video

Shows last 30 minutes, 1 frame per minute. Plays back at 1 frame a second, 30 sec. loop
Cam shot zooms In or Out, every 7 frames.
700k Quicktime file. Go to Apple.com,
to download Quicktime 7.0. Scroll down page for Stand Alone
installation. Works with Mac or Win XP/Vista



Sitting Outside
Set to Arrive

Ocean Gray Green
Water Twinkles Clean

Thoughts Flow Within
Brain Starts to Grin

Boards All Around
A Cool Playground

Focused on Horizon
Looking for a Rising

Dark Shadow Squint
Delivers First Hint

Set Starts to Form
Boards Begin to Swarm

Waves Grow and Rise
Fluid Wall Amplifies

Anticipation Complete
Next Thing So Sweet





Garbage Sucks
Puts the World in Flux

Destroys the Beauty
Delivers Gross Cootie

Changes the World
Makes You Want to Hurl

Stinks Up Your Area
Creates Lasting Nausea

Only a Low Life Load
Just a Complete Zeroed

Would Toss the Stuff
Making this Gross Dandruff

So Use the Man's Can
Be a Clean World Pitchman

You Can Make a Difference
Contribute to World Brilliance






Over the Lip
Attempted to Rip

Board gone Wild
Body Pretzel Style

White Water Smash
No Air in a Flash

Spinning and Twirling
Angry Water Hurling

Lungs Start to Ache
Surface Must Make

Break Through and Suck
Your Completely Awestruck

Take Stock of You
Happy to get Through

Worth the Chance
For a Possible Wave Dance




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