Wave Hogs
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They Ruin the Feeling
Its almost Stealing

Sharing the Swell
Makes Sessions Excel

So Wait Your Turn
Then, Let It Burn

Patience Works
Is Has Many Perks

PJS's Long Beach Surf Cam; updates each minute,
Rise to Set. Cycles thru 2 views; In and Out

Go to LB Surf Cam Video
Last 30 minutes
of Ocean, Quicktime needed!


Don't Throw Cigarette Butts
In the Sand

Smoke EM
And Pinch EM

Then Put Them Back
In the Freakin Pack


You Can Make a Difference
Contribute to World Brilliance

Tides for Jones Inlet (Point Lookout) : 07/21/2019
Low – 05:07 AM   High – 11:29 AM   Low – 05:16 PM   High – 11:35 PM's Long Beach Surf Cam; Against Pollution, For Surfing


Garbage Sucks
Puts the World in Flux

Destroys the Beauty
Delivers Gross Cootie

Changes the World
Makes You Want to Hurl

Stinks Up Your Area
Creates Lasting Nausea

Only a Low Life Load
Just a Complete Zeroed

Would Toss the Stuff
Making this Gross Dandruff

So Use the Man's Can
Be a Clean World Pitchman

You Can Make a Difference
Contribute to World Brilliance




Don't Litter
It Makes Ugly Glitter

Litter Kills
Things with Gills

If You Litter
You're a Lazy Critter



Don't Pollute
If You give a Hoot

Earth Needs Help
You Can Hear Her Yelp

Pick Up After All
Garbage is a Downfall

A Real Clean Earth
Helps Future Childbirth




Body Comes Alive
Swell has Arrived

Overhead and More
Slight Wind Offshore

Charge and Drop
Twelve Feet from the Top

Wall starts to Curl
Straight Down You Hurl

Water Gets Loud
Starts to Enshroud

Full Power Pivot
Compress and You're in It

Flying Down the Line
Super Power You Find

Working Liquid Face
Great Rush You Embrace

Explode Out the End
Grin and Try it Again

PJS Against Pollution, For Surfing

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