current gilgo beach weather station report

Current Gilgo Beach Weather including wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, wind chill and barometric pressure updated every minute.

The weather station’s weather underground’s id is KNYGILGO1. It is located at Gilgo Beach at the East end of the parking lot with the wind vane about 60 feet high.

The weather station has open air for 2 plus miles on all sides except to the east. 50 feet to the east of the weather station is a large home blocking the east wind flow. East wind reading are suspect! Wind could be 10 plus mph more than indicated.

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IMPORTANT; page does not auto refresh every minute like the main site does as of 10/1/19, working on it…

So, you need to refresh the page to see latest data from weather station after on site for more than a minute as the station updates every minute.


3/14/22; Moved the weather station and software from the location. Weather station is located 1 block in from the Babylon pool parking lot, on the east side of the cove. Wind vane is 8 feet above the roof peak, but there are homes as tall or maybe couple feet taller, within 200 feet. There are a couple of clear openings to the S, SSW and ES.