Osprey Nests on the Barrier Beaches

Have been interested in Osprey since a nest appeared this April. In looking into the birds, found that the height of the nest is a good indicator as to how long a nest has been at a site.

Decided to drive out the area from Gilgo Beach to Captree Island and found 6 nests as follows.

Gilgo Beach East side of Marina; a new nest on gilgo.com

Gilgo Beach West side of Marina; been there a long time

Oak Beach by Cable Dish; this nest was just moved from the power lines to a safer pole

Robert Moses Causeway south of big bridge; 1st one you see as drive south

Robert Moses Causeway at Captree Island exit just before the 2nd bridge, it looks relatively new.

Robert Moses Causeway exit to Ocean Parkway west; look back as you exit to Ocean Parkway West from the Robert Moses Causeway.

As you can see from the photos, we have a couple of newer locations along with some nests that have been here a long time. In thinking about osprey nests in the area, there might be 4-5 more that are set back in the marshlands. Good reason to take a boat ride. Will update.