Wind Readings Light on Weather Station

UPDATE: August 19th

Internet came back up, seems lack of power was the problem for the last 2 weeks. In past storms, Cablevision had trucks with generators powering up the cable system. Many beautiful days went by with power and we had no TV or internet as their receive site had no AC. The State Cable Commission states that cable systems have to respond and repair outages within 2 days! Something has changed and it is not for the good.

UPDATE: August 17th

Surf Cam and weather station down as Altice’s Optimum Internet Service at Gilgo Beach is still not working since the storm on August 4th, 2 weeks ago!

Have called Altice a number of time to talk to a machine or a person who has no idea of the geography of the area.

The company offers a terrible response to problems and outages violating many of the rules of the state cable commission concerning service disruptions and responses to customers.

Call the NYS Cable Commission to complain at 800-342-3377. The cable company is required by law to respond to customer complaints within 48 hours!

Finally August 17th around 9 pm, internet was restored! 15 days later. Great service and communications from Altice.

Weather vane arrived on the 12th. I installed it on the 13th so when the internet comes back up, wind readings are accurate again.

Original post; Found that the wind reading from the weather station were coming up low. Many thanks to John from the the NY Kite Center for the heads up. The Wind Anemometer bearings are failing, ordered a replacement unit and will advise when installed. Estimated to receive the shipment by August 12th.

I stopped surfing three years now, due to body parts failing, so do not follow the weather as I used to. Thought wind reading were off as cups were not spinning in light winds last week. After John’s email, can say during tropical storm this week, we showed maximum wind speed of 54 mph and max gust of 60 mph. Most stations on the South Shore of Long Island showed maximum gust over 70 mph with a 78 mph gust at one station.

Walked the beach after the storm, beach looks like it lost 30 to 50 feet, saw the high water marker 30 feet or so away from the base of the dunes so the beaches flooded pretty good. The beach was packed good the morning after but the swell was a disappointment, guess the storm tracked to far inland.

Looks like there will be plenty more chances for waves, check out NOAA Hurricane forecast for the rest of this year.

Facing South August 4th from the top of the path across from the park entrance. All photos below from the same location.
Facing South with a little West August 6th.
Facing East August 4th.
Facing East August 6th. See the high water line.