Long Beach Surf Cam

Long Beach NY images of the ocean waves at Washington Ave jetty. Uploads are the same as on gilgo.com but double the size so going to lose some resolution.


Don’t Throw Cigarette Butts In the Sand
Smoke EM And Pinch EM
Then Put Them Back In the Freakin Pack!

gilgo.com offers a Live Surf Cam from Gilgo Beach, New York featuring a current jpeg image of the ocean wave condition updated every minute along with a .mov file that show the last 30 images or the current past 30 minutes of ocean conditions.


Wave Hogs, Create Backlogs
They Ruin the Feeling, Its almost Stealing
Sharing the Swell, Makes Sessions Excel
So Wait Your Turn, Then, Let It Burn
Patience Works, Is Has Many Perks


Don’t Pollute, If You give a Hoot
Earth Needs Help, You Can Hear Her Yelp
Pick Up After All, Garbage is a Downfall
A Real Clean Earth, Helps Future Childbirth


Don’t Litter, It Makes Ugly Glitter
Litter Kills Things with Gills
If You Litter, You’re a Lazy Critter