Learned and Flew

Osprey Chicks fly from the Nest

Osprey Chicks fly south for a couple of years to mature

The abruptness of nature, she follows her own rules. Got up Friday morning, looked outside at the phone lines looking for the birds, then to the nest with nobody home.

Wilson, the week before he flew south; strong and ready to do it.

A little history; Wednesday, the 2nd of September the parents were gone when the sun came up. So, the kids hung out for 2 days and then off they went. Picture them lifting off at dawn and heading south, guess they would rest in southern New Jersey on their flight to their new home. We wish them luck.

Qwen, an 8 weeks old osprey, hanging at the Gilgo Marina, 2 weeks before she left.

Resetting the Bay Cam back to a 4 or 5 scene rotation of views of the Great South Bay and the marshland behind Gilgo Beach, hope to have it up and running soon.

UPDATE 9/26: last of my 4 Pella Sony and Canon cameras failed, total of 5 in the junk pile since started in 2004. So no camera for the Bay Cam as of now. Will update if i get one…