Goodbye to Long Beach

Sold the condo in Long Beach so and or’s Long Beach Surf Cam is retired. Other Long Beach surf cams that can be checked include;

NYSEA featuring a live video from the Allegria Hotel at National Blvd.

The Surfers View website also provides a live video feed and a forecast with the surf cam displayed also from Long Beach Surf Shop located on Main Street. There are Surfline cams at West End and Lincoln Blvd with the Lincoln location being a premium only cam, have to be a Surfline member to view. waves, p

This photo of me was taken by photographer walking the beach back in 2007, had it up for 1 day and he called for an acknowledgement. I did not want to commercialize the site, so I took it down. If he sees this post, please send me link information. Hope all get waves, peter