Gilgo Surf Cam

Current Surf at Gilgo Beach

Current Wind Speed / direction and Surf Cam
Updated every minute sunrise to sunset

Gilgo Beach, NY video images of the ocean at east end of the Gilgo Beach parking lot. Uploads are the same as on but double in size! offers  a short mov file, that is updated every 30 minutes, showing a frame a minute played back at 1 frame a second so you can quickly see the ocean surf conditions from the last half an hour below. Works great on iphones. offers a Live Surf Cam from Gilgo Beach, New York featuring a current jpeg image of the ocean wave condition updated every minute.

NOAA Buoy 025, approx 30 miles S of Islip

Marine Weather Forecast

Don’t Throw Cigarette Butts In the Sand
Smoke EM And Pinch EM
Then Put Them Back
In the Freakin Pack

Don’t Litter
It Makes Ugly Glitter
Litter Kills
Things with Gills
If You Litter
You’re a Lazy Critter

Walking on a Dune
Is Acting like a Buffoon
When You break the Crust
Your like an Arsonist
Grass is the Glue
Stepping on it Taboo
So Stay on the Path
Avoid the Ocean’s Wrath