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Below some waves from November 10th, 2016, sweet ripping rights.

apple bay ride to joy surfing at apple bay tortola
catching waves in november tortola bvi charging waves apple bay tortola

Below; AppleSurf Photos; 2/25/06, last two 2/26.

Applesurf Videos from Febuary 2007

Cane Garden March 08

Apple Face
Doublin Up
Who's Gonna Make It
Movin on Up
Bigger Face
A Run Around

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Waves Above, from 07...front of Bomba's Shack, Little Apple Bay, Tortola, BVI. Right down the street from the Applesurf Villas.


The weekend of March 20th brought the biggest swells since 1991 to Tortola. Pictures below are from that weekend at Cane Garden
Bay on the north shore of Tortola. I did not get good shots of the bigger sets! 17-20 foot face, period 16 seconds.
Intense, powerfull, clean big waves. An amazing rush.

cane afar
Cane Garden March 08, about 20 minute ride from Apple Bay
Find the man, cause he makes it.
Gonna Take a Beating
Sliding down the face

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