Bay Cruise

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Someone You Can Count On

Claiming is for Impertinent Youth,
unfamiliar with the ways of maintaining a longterm relationship
with a woman as complicated as the Atlantic.

I am honest with her,
she knows I have a family and a job that requires the bulk of my time
but she also knows I have arranged things so we can be together.

She likes the young men
but she has seen way too many
use and abuse her in their prime
only to forget her as they mature.

She knows I will never leave her to go back on land
just to tell stories of how I owned her,
how I ripped and shredded her to pieces.

This morning, we met at the usual time
and as more often that not, in complete privacy.

I could tell right away that she was more of a tempest then a temptress
but always the tease,she occasionally arched her back seductively
and threw back her mane of seafoam allowing it to spill down her shoulders,

but more frequently, she heaved and sighed
and showed me all the signs of extreme moodiness
that I have come to expect
during certain times of the monthly cycle.

She exposed the tips of her jetty'
as she pulled her liquid hemline back and up
and simultaneously flashed a quick peek of her beautiful face
before letting it all smash back down again.

She allowed me to enter her
and show me some possibility of letting me get in deeper
only to then twist and turn and push me aside.

Eventually she let me ride her
but not as I wanted to ride her.

She never allowed me to slide along those inner walls
the way that I envisioned
as I walked to her before sunrise.

As strong as our four decade relationship is,
she will always be a mystery to me,
but I always know she will be there
when we once again meet at the usual time.


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Time to Leave
Can't Believe

Swell Strong
Period Long

Wind Offshore
Face to Explore

Look for Last Wave
The Perfect Concave

Promising Swell
Ride Don't Jell

Try Many Time
Rides Not Prime

Time Passes By
Plan Goes Awry

Finally Secure
The Magic Allure

Miss The Plane
Worth Any Pain


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Close to Eleven
Leaving Heaven

Wind Comes On
Clean Face Forgone

Missed the Dawn
Chances Overdrawn

Got in at Ten
A Negative Zen

Waisted the Session
A Lasting Impression

Get Moving at Dawn
Good Times will Spawn


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You Gotta Move
Show You Disapprove

When People Litter
Be the Garbage Transmitter

Pick It Up with a Smile
Maybe They're Senile

Possibly Try to Explain
Don't Attempt to Detain

You Did Your Part
Just Grin and Depart


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Brain Scatter
Doesn't Matter

We Live in Today
Hung up on Decay

Some Say Life Sucks
In Reality its Deluxe

Make the Best of the Day
Good Things Will Display

The Glass is Half Full
Creates a Full Life Capsule

Push Every Minute
Insures there's no Limit


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Droppin In
Can be a Major Sin

Might Ruin the Ride
Eliminate the Glide

Good Chance for Pain
With Minimal Gain

So Look to the Side
As You start Your Slide




Wave Hogs
Create Backlogs

They Ruin the Feeling
Its almost Stealing

Sharing the Swell
Makes Sessions Excel

So Wait Your Turn
Then, Let It Burn

Patience Works
Is Has Many Perks


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Matti, the Man


Big Swell
Surfed Well

Laying in Bed
Floating Head

Brain Drained
Body Pained

Muscles Ache
Ponding Break

Replay Charges
Brain Recharges

Feel the Swell
Sleep Real Well


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Jackson, alias the beast; Keeper of the Dunes


Walking on a Dune
Is acting like a Buffoon

When you break the Crust
Your like an Arsonist

Grass is the Glue
Stepping on it Taboo

So Stay on the Path
Avoid the Ocean's Wrath


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