Protect Public Beach Access

Welcome to; for surfing and against polution
Local Long Island
End of the Line; 1/2/2022
Hope site helped you find waves


Time Date Wind Direction Wind Speed Wind Average Current Temp
Current Live Weather Data for Giglo Beach New York located on the South Shore of Long Island



Don't Throw Cigarette Butts In the Sand

Smoke EM
And Pinch EM

Then Put Them Back
In the Freakin Pack


Don't Litter
It Makes Ugly Glitter

Litter Kills
Things with Gills

If You Litter
You're a Lazy Critter


Current JPEG image of live webcam displaying the Atlantic Ocean showing surf break at Gilgo Beach, NY

Cam Updates every 60 secs, Sunrise to Sunset. Cycles thru 2 views; In and Out

Tides for Democrat Point, Fire Island Inlet : 12/04/2022
High – 04:01 AM   Low – 10:41 AM   High – 04:19 PM   Low – 10:44 PM   
LIVE WAVE Report; NOAA Buoy, approx. 30 miles South of Islip
Looking for what's Special, that Might make the Day Memorable.
LISTEN UP ... The Three Amigos Have Something to Say!


Walking on a Dune
Is Acting like a Buffoon

When You break the Crust
Your like an Arsonist

Grass is the Glue
Stepping on it Taboo

So Stay on the Path
Avoid the Ocean's Wrath

PJS; for surfing, against pollution


You Gotta Move
Show You Disapprove

When People Litter
Be the Garbage Transmitter

Pick It Up with a Smile
Maybe They're Senile

Possibly Try to Explain
Don't Attempt to Detain

You Did Your Part
Just Grin and Depart

PJS; Against Pollution, For Surfing

gilgo wave movies

Welcome to; for surfing and against polution
Against Pollution, for Surfing

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Weather and live cam of Atlantic Ocean at Gilgo Beach NY